Canberra Show Entry

Last week was a busy week, to say the least! Sick children, work, and a Canberra Show entry to start and complete by Wednesday morning.

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Cookie fun

I love making cookies, and I’m loving the new embossing trend.

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Valentine’s Day 2019


Valentine’s Day is creeping up on us!  Read More

Rusty Holden Ute!


Christmas in Australia is a little different to what we see in the movies. No cold weather and snow here, instead, usually a scorching hot summers day. Read More

Fabulous Fifty!

This cake has been in the planning for a while now, and there have been many versions of it! In the end, I decided to keep it clean and simple.

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Little Log Cabin

Christmas is coming!

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Class of 2018

Hard to believe that my first born is celebrating the end of 13 years of school! What an achievement!

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Spooky Halloween House

Take a store bought Halloween gingerbread house and make it your own.

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It’s a wrap!

Birthday time for me, that sure came around again quickly!

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Pile o’ Lamingtons


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know how much I love lamingtons. I think it must be in the genes, my paternal grandmother was a great lamington baker! Read More