Moving Rubik’s Cube Cake!

I was asked to make a Rubik’s Cube cake last week for a special 8 year old.

A picture of a cake was sent through to me, but I wanted a way to make it more special. Then I had a thought, let’s get it moving!!! I found some great instructions at Enna’s Cake Design and got started.

I was initially a little nervous, but very happy with the result as the cube was moving freely.


A flower bouquet that you can eat!

The Christmas craziness has already started! I was happy to focus on a non-Christmas related cake project this week.

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What a fun 21st cakeĀ for a pet-loving young lady!!!

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Buttercream & Wafer Paper

As many of you have seen on social media, I’ve been playing with wafer paper a lot lately.

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Bird of Paradise

Do you have a flower or plant that reminds you of someone special?

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My daughter named this cake “Flow”. A birthday cake for an artistic young lady.

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Spotlight on Daniel Guiriba

I have been on quite the learning journey over the past few months. I stumbled across Daniel on Instagram and quickly began to stalk him on all social media platforms!

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10 Years!

This week marks 10 years since starting my blog!
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The cutest puppy!

I was so excited to be asked to create the centerpiece again for the RSPCA ACT Cupcake Day Launch event.

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Christmas in July

I’ve always wanted to host a Christmas in July dinner, especially since experiencing Christmas during Winter in the States.

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