Last cake for the decade!

I posted this cake on my social media this morning, unsure of how I felt about it.

It was received really well so I decided to post it here too!  A super quick cake using ermine buttercream. I have been playing with ermine over the last few months now, I love the light texture it has and the fact that it is not too sweet.

This was a bit of an experiment, stenciling with ermine. I have tried this stencil (Eden from Caking it Up) with swiss meringue and American buttercream without success. the ermine went on so easily, no need for a scraper or final swipe. Applied with only a silicon spatula, this was a super quick process.

Inside is a gingerbread cake, layered with lemon ermine buttercream – talk about delicious!

The colour used was Eucalyptus by Colour Mill, one of my favourites.


4 Comments on “Last cake for the decade!”

  1. Hi is the yellow buttercream that you’ve frosted your cake with, ermine buttercream? I’m amazed at how the stencil didn’t pick up any of that yellow bc. Simply stunning

    • Hi Sneha,
      Yes it is all ermine buttercream. I pop my cakes in the freezer before stenciling so there is no transferring. It also ensures the stenciled buttercream sets almost immediately 🙂

      • Thank you so much for the reply! One last question, do you cover it with some plastic or leave the cake just bare inside the freezer? Doesn’t it form droplets on its surface after it’s taken out?

      • I just pop it in with no covering, it only takes about 15 mins for the buttercream to be firm enough. If there is any condensation just leave it, don’t touch it and it will dry on its own. I haven’t had any problems with that though as its just the surface that has frozen.

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