Toilet Paper Cakes!

If you can’t find toilet paper in the supermarket – make some!

It was my friend’s birthday a few weeks ago before we were required to socially distance. At that stage there was a ridiculous lack of loo paper in the stores!

So, I thought why not give her some edible toilet paper. This cake was so much fun to make and as a result of this one I have made many more!

The cake has an outside layer of embossed wafer paper. I really wanted to make a realistic-looking toilet roll and found the fondant versions look a little on the thick side when it came to the paper effect.


I had a play with my wafer paper and a cookie embosser and was so pleased with the result. Using a quilting tool to mark the paper perforations was perfect.

My latest loo paper cake was a bit of a joke. It was for a first wedding anniversary, the traditional gift is paper! With all of the doom and gloom at the moment, it provided a bit of comic relief.

I hope you are all doing well wherever in the world you are. Wishing you good health, please stay safe.


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