Steak dinner

This week I had the opportunity to make a really fun cake.  A very special visitor was here in DFW and it was his 40th!


We surprised him with his birthday cake: steak, chips, and tomato sauce (ketchup) while having dinner at Campisi’s in Dallas. The staff there were fantastic helping me with the cake surprise.

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Geode cake

When I first saw Rachael Teufel’s (from Intricate Icings) geode cake I knew exactly who I wanted to try and make one for.  Then, only a week or so later a PDF tutorial was available to purchase and I jumped at the chance.  The tutorial has been sitting on my computer ready to use for months and this week it was finally the time!geode cake-2

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These pretzels are making me thirsty 😜

A quick cake with a twist! I really wanted to make a cake with a moving part, so I decided that my hubby’s b’day cake would be the one.  That way if anything went wrong, it wouldn’t be such a disaster.

Beer cake-4

So I give you a beer mug with a rotating pretzel on top!  I bought a hobby motor and gear kit online and gave it to my 13 year old son to put together for me.  Thankfully he put it together with no problems.

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An English Rose in Texas

english rose-2

I’ve made a couple of fondant cowboy boots since living here in Texas (Aussie cowboy boot, flower cowboy boot).  I love to make them and they make good keepsakes for the recipient.

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Dinosaur Dude!

I love first birthdays! This week I was lucky enough to make a first birthday cake for a very special little guy.  Just over a year ago I made his baby shower cake, how time flies.

Dino dude-2

I was pretty much given free reign with this cake.  His mum sent me a picture of the outfit he is wearing to his party which is adorned with dinosaurs.  To top it off he is wearing a red bow tie.

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Donald Duck Vans

I have never known someone so obsessed with all things Disney and Vans shoes!  The Disney is all her (and her extensive knowledge has been extremely handy), the Vans are usually purchased for her boys.  Put a pair of Vans in front of her and I can almost guarantee she has them for her boys, the best dressed feet in town!

DD Vans cake-3

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Glowing WOW Shale Spider

WOW cake-3

I’ve been a WOW (World of Warcraft) Widow since its release in 2004! This online game captured my husbands attention all those years ago and to add to my pain, my son has been playing for over 6 years now too!

I have no idea what it is all about, and to be honest, watching them play makes me feel queasy from all the running about.

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Mary Poppins arrived carrying her magical carpet bag….everyone remembers that don’t they?

Carpet bag-6

Recently an opportunity came up  for me to make a cake for a Mary Poppins fan. There were no specific requests as the recipient had no idea I was doing it for her.  I thought about doing a Mary Poppins silhouette cake, an umbrella cake, and a hat cake.  Finally I remembered her magical carpet bag.

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Happy Easter!

Russian tips-1It’s not often that I get to make a cake (excluding birthdays) just for my family.  This Easter weekend I decided to try out my Russian piping tips.  I have had them for a while but haven’t had the opportunity to play with them until now.

I was amazed how quickly and easily these tips created a beautiful floral cake, all of these flowers took less than 10 minutes.  I only used three of my twelve piping tips and will try the others out soon.

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Carlo’s Bakery Dallas

I had planned to attend the opening of Carlo’s Bakery Dallas on Saturday 19 March but I didn’t quite make it.  After flying in late on Friday from Toronto I wasn’t in the right spirits to stand in a line for hours.


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