Winter Woollies

Winter has arrived here in the southern hemisphere! Things are starting to cool down, fingers crossed the snowfields receive a decent dump. Read More

Watercolour Cookies

A bit of fun this week for one of my lovely workmates celebrating her birthday and retirement!

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21st Chocolate Fun

Another chocolate beauty loosely based on my Chocolate Overload Cake.

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Wolf Cub Cake

While I was in the US late last year I purchased a Sugarworks Innovative Sugar Structures Kit. I have been desperate to try it out and finally got the chance! Read More

Baby Converse Cake Topper

It’s been a while since I made baby shoes and I really enjoyed making these again after a couple of years break. Read More

20th Wedding Anniversary Cake

I’ve been caking for a while now, bits and pieces, on and off for over 20 years.  My very first wedding cake was my own, 20 years ago! Read More

David Austin Rose

I made this David Austin style rose quite some time ago, was happy to pop it on a cake this week!

76 petals make up this beauty.

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Easter Cream Tarts

Cream tarts, stacked biscuits (cookies), tart cake…..whatever you want to call them, these beauties are still taking the baking world by storm!

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1 Cake, 3 Ways

I had a bit of fun with this simply butter-creamed cake.

Smothered in Swiss meringue buttercream, this white chocolate mud cake was detailed using my Evil Cake Genius Fabulous Facets Contour Comb.


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Cream Tarts

I am loving this new trend for 2018, it’s taking over the internet and we aren’t even through January yet!!!

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