Christmas 2020

Wow! What a super busy end to the year. I have been so busy with Christmas this year that I have neglected posting my creations here.

Christmas this year was filled with cookies galore. So many lovely people wanted cookies to add to their celebrations and to give as gifts. My collection this year had the colour palette of navy, pink, and white. I loved using the more non traditional colours.

In addition to the cookies above, I also created lots of Christmas Chill Pill packs. Lovely Jess from Little Biskut developed a Christmas Chill Pill label to go with the cookie sets.

Paint Your Own Gingerbread Houses were also a huge hit this year in addition to my standard PYO Christmas Cookies. I received so many photos of kids having a great time painting their sugar cookie houses (and then demolishing them!)

Still on the cookie theme, some gifts for my family and friends. Sugar cookie wreaths and delicious buttercream sugar cookies. Pop over to my Instagram to see a video of the buttercream cookies being piped.

Now for the cakes! I did two different cakes for my family this year. The first was a modern Christmas tree. This one was decorated with buttercream using the very popular origami technique. Most cakes I’ve seen use ganache for this technique but I thought I’d give it a go with buttercream. Topped with an isomalt star and some wafer paper “tinsel” it was simple but effective.

My second Christmas cake was a 3d, gravity defying Christmas Stocking. I have a video of it in action on my Instagram page. For the top of the stocking I once again used the origami technique, this time with a more intricate fold and ganache. To match the stocking cake I made some cute little stocking cookies, these were used as place cards on the Christmas table.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, however you decided to spend the day. Wishing everyone a healthy and safe 2021, now lets flush 2020 away!!!

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