Halloween Fun – Boo!

brain heart cake-1

We have just experienced our first Halloween here in Texas, what a great fun night it is in the US!

We celebrated Halloween with about 40 of our friends at our place. A casual party where I served shredded swine (pulled pork), mice kidneys and maggots (bean & rice stew), and grated Cabbage Patch kids (coleslaw).  Very Texan fare 🙂  Our guests kindly bought a plate to share as well, so there was plenty of food.

A cake, ginger dead men, and fruit cups were also on the menu.

Quick and easy, mandarin and peach cups decorated with permanent marker made for a cute treat for the younger kids.

Halloween 2014-1

The cake was a zombie brain and heart on a wooden platter.  I made this using Body Parts Gelatin Jello Molds – Heart and Brain Set

I coated the inside of the moulds with two layers of white chocolate.  Here is the first layer of white chocolate.

brain heart mould-1

As you can see, due to all the folds in the brain, I definitely needed the 2 layers.  Here they are after their 2 layers.

brain heart mould-2

The detail on the moulds is great and the chocolate popped out easily (I did rub a little vegetable shortening on the moulds before putting the chocolate in).

Then I hit them both with the airbrush.  Pink, red, and grey were all used to give a nice zombie glow.

brain heart cake-2

The original plan was to place these moulds over the top of a layered chocolate mud cake, but I had a bit of a cake disaster!  The cake would not slice and layer without breaking apart so I basically made the cake into two large cake pops.  I broke the mud cake up further and pressed into the brain and heart moulds, luckily the cake I use is so moist that it worked!  Then I topped each of the cake pops with the chocolate encasing.  Added a bit of red piping gel for gloopy blood and they were done 🙂

brain heart cake-3

To add to the sweet offerings, ginger dead men.  These were quick and easy using the GingerDead Man Cookie Cutter Stamper

I made some chocolate sugar cookie dough and then went to work with the cutter and stamp.  These cookies are huge! I found that you do need to press the stamp into the cut cookie quite firmly to get a decent imprint.  Also, make sure that you flour the stamp to ensure that you can remove it from the cookie without damaging the print.


ginger dead man nude

After cooking and cooling it is simply a matter of filling in the imprint with royal icing and leaving to set 🙂

ginger dead men


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