Granny Squares Cookies

Granny squares-1

Each Wednesday I meet up with a great bunch of gals for coffee.  Some weeks coffee turns into lunch, last week coffee was replaced by stand up paddle-boarding (which was awesome!), and this week coffee was “Coffee, Cheesecake, and Crochet”.  I wanted to take something crochet themed along for the host so off to the internet I went.  I couldn’t find much at all that suited.  The search results kept bringing up food that had been crocheted not food that was decorated like a crochet piece.  Finally I came across a blog post with Granny Square Cookies.  It is fantastic, including step by step photos showing how to achieve the granny square look 🙂

Granny squares-2

I covered my chocolate sugar cookies with a thin layer of fondant before piping with royal icing.  I completely underestimated the amount of time that these little beauties would take to pipe.  HOURS!!!!!  By the end of it my hand was cramped but it was worth it.

The balls of wool were quick and simple and make a great accompaniment to the squares.

Granny squares-3


The day was great, and I even managed to learn some basic crochet skills. You never know, I may try my hand at a crocheted cake next 😛

Granny squares-4






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