Cake Lace & Wafer Paper

cake lace & wafer paper-2

Those of you who follow me on Facebook will have seen a few posts lately about bits and pieces I have been playing with.

A couple of months ago I started to play with wafer paper,  what a great medium to use in cake decorating.  I have had a go using a  scrapbooking paper punch to make broderie anglaise ribbons and have made various flowers with it.  I love the flowers as they are quick and delicate, and best of all they are light weight.  I have made roses, peonies, ranunculus, and open roses, all white.  The wafer paper can be coloured by printing with edible ink, dusting with petal dusts, or airbrushing.  I will have a go at airbrushing some soon.

cake lace & wafer paper-3

For my birthday I was given a couple of Cake Lace mats and the mix to make the edible lace.  This stuff is amazing!!!  I love the fact that it stays flexible for months so that you can make your decorations in advance and have them on hand.  When made, the lace looks so delicate but is surprisingly tough!  It sticks to the cake using a dab of water (which you can see on my cake as it is still not dry).

cake lace & wafer paper-4

I popped some cake lace and a flower onto a fondant covered cake and voila!!! Simple and clean.

cake lace & wafer paper-1You’ll have to excuse the “cake stand”, I realised after I’d delivered the cake that I had taken all the photos while it was still on my decorating turntable 😛



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