A Texan Baby Shower

So excited!!! Another baby is due very soon here in our friendship group in Texas. I was so excited to be asked to make a cake, and after many ideas, I finally decided on a cot.  I  managed to sneak a photo of the new bub’s cot and based the cake on that.

Jen's Baby Shower-6

Leading up to the baby shower, I was having a bit of a health issue that required cervical spine surgery just 10 days before it.  This meant I really needed to be organised.  I made the sugar panels that make up the wooden part of the cot before my surgery, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, sugar decorations will last for ever if stored correctly.

I cut them out, let them dry to almost solid, and then airbrushed both sides of the panels. In my haste to move them off the dining table, I picked one of the end panels up and snapped it!  Arrgghhhhh!!!!!! So, I had to try to stick it back together.  Instead of using plain water, I figured I probably needed a slightly stronger glue.  I took a small ball of gum paste and added some water to make a syrupy glue.  As this dried, it stuck hard.  Another quick flash of the airbrush covered the crack sufficiently and I popped a rocking horse cut out across that part just for good measure 🙂

Quilted doona

Quilted doona

As I recently explained to a friend, a good cake decorator is not perfect, they just know how to cover their mistakes!  Sugar flowers and other decorations are often strategically placed on cakes to cover imperfections.

The bub has been nicknamed “Ranger” as in Texas Rangers.  The amazing girls that organised the shower made this the theme of the party.  So, I needed to incorporate this into the cake in some way.  I thought about making a Rangers blanket, popping some baseball equipment around the board, a baseball cap on the bed but finally decided on  cute little cowboy boots with the Texas Rangers “T” on them.  The boots were relatively easy except for the “T”, it is so tiny that it was very fiddly.

Boots are approximately 2.5 inches tall

Boots are approximately 2.5 inches tall

In addition to the boots I made a cowboy hat using this silicon mold.  I purchased the mold from Mold Me Shape Me and quickly added a few more molds to my basket.  I had a fantastic experience with this Etsy shop and will definitely buy from them again.  I grabbed the Western badge mold and the Star mold to make the banner hanging on the cot.  I used one of my colour shapers to carefully erase the “sheriff” from the badge and replaced it with “baby” using my cookie stamp/embossers.

Jen's Baby Shower-1

I wanted the cot to be “floating”, as in no cake touching the base board, just the cot legs.  So, I cut a piece of styrofoam, covered it in black and attached it in position to the base cake board.  The cake board (with the cake on it) was then attached to this styrofoam block before adding the sugar panels that made up the cot.

See the little black block supporting the cake?

See the little black block supporting the cake?

A cute blue blankie covers one corner of the cot that was troubling me.  I really didn’t like the airbrush colour on this corner, so as I mentioned above, disguising imperfections is a talent, I covered it up!

Jen's Baby Shower-5

The cake itself is a lemon layer cake filled with lemon curd and lemon buttercream, we served it with fresh berries in a lemon, honey, and basil syrup.

I also took some Texan sugar cookies with me.

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