Trampoline Park Party!

Altitude cake-1

Birthday time in our house has come around quickly again.  My son turned 12 today and his birthday party was at our local trampoline park, Altitude.  Such an amazing facility for a bunch of boys to utilise all of their energy with great, caring staff.

Altitude cake-7

The cake was a no brainer, Altitude Trampoline Park!  The cake consisted of two sections of the park, the main trampoline area and the foam pit.  In addition to these sections they also have two dodgeball courts (on trampolines), and a basketball area which is great fun for jumping slam dunks!

Altitude cake-2


Altitude cake-3

All of the figurines are made out of fondant with a bit of tylose added to harden them up.  You may notice Baymax assessing a fallen jumper and Gandalf.  Gandalf was made by my son, I think he did an amazing job.  It was lovely to sit with him while he joined me doing something that I love.

Altitude cake-6

Altitude cake-5








The net around the foam pit area is made with Cake Lace.  Adding the black colouring to the Cake Lace mixture was a breeze, although it did require a slightly longer cooking time.  I love the effect of the Cake Lace and will endeavour to use it on more projects in the future.

Altitude cake-8

The cake itself is vanilla cake with a lemon curd filling.  I used swiss meringue buttercream in the filling as well and to ice the outside.  You can find the link to a buttercream tutorial on the Facebook page.

Instead of colouring the fondant black for the trampoline mats, I used Wilton Sugar Sheets on top of the fondant.  I found this to be a quick and easy way to get the desired effect and it was heaps easier than colouring the fondant black 😉

Altitude cake-4


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