Hot Cross Easter Bunnies

Wow, Easter sure has come around quickly this year!  Today is Good Friday here in Texas and it isn’t really feeling  like Easter as the kids go to school on Good Friday and Easter Monday.  So, I thought I’d do some Easter baking.

Hot Cross Bunnies-4

As there is not an abundance of Hot Cross Buns here in Texas, I have made my own.  Last year I made one huge Hot Cross Bun.  This year I have gone with the traditional size with a twist, Hot Cross Easter Bunnies!

I had seen some cute dinner rolls on Pinterest that are bunnies, so I thought I’d take that idea and apply it to my Easter buns.

It is quite simple to do, after proving the dough for the second time use scissors to snip two bunny ears. You can play with the snipped ears a bit if you would like them to lie flatter on the head.

Bunny Hot X Buns

I used the “cross” mixture to add eyes and a white bunny tail.  As you can see from the picture above, I like my Hot Cross Buns to prove and bake quite close to each other.  My favourite part of the bun is the sides just after they have been pulled apart, all squishy soft – yummo!

My fav part of the bun!

My fav part of the bun!

If you prefer your bunnies to be a more rounded shape, just space them on the tray a bit further apart so they don’t touch while baking 🙂

Hot Cross Bunnies-1

Time for a cuppa I think….

Cute bunny tails

Cute bunny tails



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