A flower bouquet that you can eat!

The Christmas craziness has already started! I was happy to focus on a non-Christmas related cake project this week.

This cupcake bouquet was for my sister’s birthday. I have made bouquets before using a polystyrene ball to hold the cupcakes. This time I wanted to challenge myself and make a bouquet that was more true to life, flower stalks and all!

The cupcakes were chocolate mud with vanilla buttercream florals. I used tips 2D, 104, 234, 59, and 24.

A bright and cheery bouquet was the result, and the birthday girl was very happy!


2 Comments on “A flower bouquet that you can eat!”

  1. Another absolute beauty!! That is some seriously painstaking skilled work, just so real!! You ought to go on one of those dessert cookery shows!! You all have a wonderful blessed Christmas!!!

    • Thanks Rakesh. These were so much fun, I’m looking forward to making some more soon. I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas.

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