Concrete Block Cake

Concrete finish cakes are super popular at the moment. I love the variety that is out there, some with fresh flowers, some with chocolate waves, gold leaf-flecked….the list goes on.

I love using wafer paper, usually to make flowers. My workmate brought an amazing cake decorator from Brisbane to my attention, By Aletoso Luxury Cakes. He makes the most amazing cakes topped with wafer paper waves. I desperately wanted to try this out so gave it a go. I’m not sure that I have used the same method as Aletoso but am happy with my experiment.

My cake is chocolate mud filled and crumb coated in coffee ganache. Then some layers of swiss meringue buttercream to give it a concrete look. I love the slightly imperfect texture to this cake, a bonus as it meant I didn’t have to continue smoothing!

I popped the wafer paper wave on top and added a Happy Birthday cake topper.

I think I will do some more experimenting with wafer paper, it’s not just for flowers!




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