Mega Cupcake

This weekend I was honoured to participate in RSPCA ACT’s Cupcake Day Launch. Last year I supplied 4 dozen unicorn cupcakes for the event, you can find that blog post here! This year I was asked to make the centrepiece cupcake by event organisers Damsel & Sprout which was then raffled off to raise funds for RSPCA ACT.

I had a great time constructing the cupcake, standing at approximately 40cm (15.75 inches) tall and over 25cm (10 inches) in diameter, it certainly was the largest cupcake I’ve ever made!

Towering over a standard cupcake!

A cupcake of this size needed some internal structure to keep it stable. A large centre dowel in addition to the usual small dowels and boards in between the layers did the job. The cupcake weighed approximately 9 kgs (19.8 lbs) and was a delicious vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream layers. Covered in fondant with the “frosting” airbrushed in pearl lustre to add a bit of sheen.

I topped the cupcake with a gold doggie treat, I wasn’t sure about the gold when I made it but was happy with the final effect. The cherry was fondant with a coat of leaf glaze to add shine. The sprinkles were all hand rolled as I couldn’t source any that were the right scale!

There were over 1000 cupcakes for sale on Saturday at the launch, all donated by amazing Canberra cakers. To help RSPCA raise funds you can host your own cupcake day, you can find all the details here.

For more pics of the event please pop over to my Instagram account @scrumdiddlyumptious_blog



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