Canberra Show Entry

Last week was a busy week, to say the least! Sick children, work, and a Canberra Show entry to start and complete by Wednesday morning.

This was my first entry into a show ever, and of course, I decided last minute! My entry was submitted during the final hours with less than a week to plan, complete and deliver.

I entered the Modern Buttercream class with a friendly nudge from my workmates. It was the first time that this class was offered at the show so I thought I’d give it a go.

As you know, I love all of the cakes from By.Aletoso Luxury Cakes and used his designs as inspiration for this cake.

I have never made a triangular cake before and figured I’d give it a go. With the addition of black buttercream, wafer paper, and an isomalt topper it was finished.

It was quite nerve-wracking¬†knowing that my cake was about to be judged and seen by the thousands of people attending the show. I was happy with my result and especially the judges’ feedback.

In the display at the show!


Next time I enter a show I will ensure that I have more time to plan and execute my design, and fingers crossed for no sick children!

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