Snake Cupcake Cake



This quick snake cake using cupcakes was made for a six year old boy.  As we were having a sausage sizzle out at Tidbinbilla to celebrate, I thought  cupcakes would be easier to handle. Read More

Chocolate Overload!!!

Did someone say chocolate?

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Marbleously Succulent!

A two tier beauty to try out a new ruffle technique.

I purchased Man versus Cake’s new tutorial a few weeks ago in which he teaches a wonderful new way to create ruffles and rosettes on the side of a cake. As it is a purchased tutorial I can not share the technique with you here but you can still enjoy the beautiful outcome! Read More

Butterfly Princess Cake

The almost 6 year old recipient of this cake only had a few “likes” to be included in this cake, lucky for me they all go together nicely!

Tiaras, butterflies, sparkles, pink, and purple – beautiful!

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Functional Beer Keg Cake

I have been looking forward to making this cake so I could try out a new wood technique.

This cake is a functional beer keg cake, yes, you lift the tap and the beer flows!!!  The cake is a caramel mud cake with chocolate stout buttercream frosting.

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Unicorn cupcakes

I was recently invited to contribute to a fabulous fundraiser for the RSPCA Cupcake Day, which was held on Saturday.

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A few small changes…

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all doing well in which ever part of the world you are receiving this.

I am currently rugged up dealing with the Canberra winter which is in full foggy force this morning.  I’m looking forward to the sun breaking through.

Over the next few weeks (or perhaps months), you may notice some small changes to the blog. I am in the process of simplifying a few things. When I first started this little adventure almost 8 years ago I had no idea of the longevity of my blog!

I am phasing out the name Scrumdiddlyumptious (not the blog) as it can be difficult at times for people to spell, say, and remember. The posts will still be about the Scrumdiddlyumptious sweet treats you are all accustomed to, it will just be the name that is slightly different.

The first change is already done!  My new URL is……..

If you have the old one saved in your favourites you “should” be redirected automatically to the new version. In any case, if you are old fashioned like me and still type your favourite sites in by memory, this one should be much easier for you.

Thanks for all of your support, I’m looking forward to the next stage of the adventure.

Happy World Chocolate Day!

Happy World Chocolate Day everyone.  Any excuse for chocolate!!!




4th of July meringue and buttercream cake

4th of July cake


4th of July cake

Happy 4th of July everyone!

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Cold mirror glaze 😱

Back in February I had a go at my first mirror glaze cake.  This weekend I was asked to make a dessert for a birthday dinner and decided to give a different mirror glaze technique a go.

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