Spring has Sprung!

This little beauty was for a birthday party on the first day of Spring here in Australia.

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Wafer Dahlia and Eucalyptus


Some more fun with wafer paper. This dahlia was super quick to make, the eucalyptus a little more time-consuming! I had originally planned on making 4 eucalyptus branches but decided two was enough this time.

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Sgraffito Cake


My daughter created a beautiful sgraffito platter during her ceramics class last year. I had never heard of the term sgraffito before she brought this beauty home but as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to transfer it onto cake!

My daughter’s beautiful sgraffito platter

Sgraffito is a technique where the surface layer is scratched off to reveal a contrasting colour underneath. Used in pottery and plaster walls, it can be quite intricate.

I was surprised at how quickly my sgraffito cake came together and am quite happy with the results. I have another one in the planning, a more geometric design that is very simple.

Concrete Block Cake

Concrete finish cakes are super popular at the moment. I love the variety that is out there, some with fresh flowers, some with chocolate waves, gold leaf-flecked….the list goes on.

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Mega Cupcake

This weekend I was honoured to participate in RSPCA ACT’s Cupcake Day Launch. Last year I supplied 4 dozen unicorn cupcakes for the event, you can find that blog post here! This year I was asked to make the centrepiece cupcake by event organisers Damsel & Sprout which was then raffled off to raise funds for RSPCA ACT. Read More

Buttercream Swirls

Swiss meringue buttercream……mmmmmmmmm. This cake was covered in the good stuff!

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Winter Woollies

Winter has arrived here in the southern hemisphere! Things are starting to cool down, fingers crossed the snowfields receive a decent dump. Read More

Watercolour Cookies

A bit of fun this week for one of my lovely workmates celebrating her birthday and retirement!

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21st Chocolate Fun

Another chocolate beauty loosely based on my Chocolate Overload Cake.

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