Campbell is 1!

Our lovely friends’ youngest turned one on Saturday, so naturally we had a cocktail party to celebrate!  The invitations were hilarious.  Campbell was dressed in a Hawaiian shirt with party hat, streamers and a cocktail glass filled with jelly. A paper umbrella added topped it all off.

All 3 boys in the family have food related nicknames.  The birthday boy’s is Campbell’s Soup.  So a tin of Campbell’s Soup for a cake it was! Read More

Sitting on the dock of the bay….

I recently had a call from a lovely girl trying to organise her parent’s 5oth birthday.  She sent me a picture of a cake with a bride and groom sitting on the end of a pier.  The price she had been quoted previously by another business was way out their budget. Read More

Chocolate Christmas Tree

Christmas is almost here! What a great excuse to get together with some friends and do a chocolate class at the local cake decorating shop.  It was a fun morning out and we all produced a Chocolate Christmas tree and some filled chocolates.  A very laid back class, nothing terribly complicated, and not many skills required!  As you can see from the photo below, we were all very impressed with the outcome 🙂

I will get the kids onto making some trees and chocolates for their teachers on the weekend.

Next Christmas activity is the Cookie Exchange! Will show you the loot soon 🙂

Melbourne Cup Day

So Melbourne Cup has come and gone again, this year some friends and I took advantage of it and had a lovely ladies lunch! Read More

Makeup Bag Cake

Our gorgeous girl hit the double digits this week. Yes, that’s right – 10!!!! Can hardly believe it.  Like all 10 year old girls, she loves dressing up and being pampered. This year her party was a Makeup Party. Read More

Pistachio and Raspberry Jelly Cakes

Masterchef certainly has inspired my 10 year old to request recipes even more than usual.  The presence of recipe cards at the supermarkets has prompted a collection of recipes that she wants to try.  That has been fabulous for me as when I ask the question of “what shall we have for dinner?”, Asha pops up with a card from her collection! Read More

Tour de France and Netball Cupcakes

It has been a sporting cupcake month here! To coincide with the Tour de France this year, my friend organised a cycling challenge.  During the 21 days that the Tour was running a group of us were challenged to ride as many kms as we could.  We could do this by means of road bike, mountain bike, exercise bike, spin class…..whichever suited our lifestyle and weather.  Each of us donated $20 and got pedalling.  The person who rode the most kms during that period chose the charity/organisation that the entry fee would go to.  With a whopping 809.6kms, my husband won! As a group we rode just under 3000kms!!! The organisation that Rick and I chose to support was the sponsorship of an Orangutan at Taronga Zoo via our kids school.

Anyway, here are some cupcakes I made during the challenge sporting the Tour de France jerseys.

This month also brought about the end of  the netball season for my daughter’s school team.  As part of their end of season celebrations they had these cupcakes adorned with netball bibs.

Quilt Cake

I am very fortunate to have a lovely neighbour at the moment.  She is a talented lady, making wonderful quilts as her hobby.  Recently it was her 40th birthday, one we couldn’t let go by without some sort of celebration.  Her birthday was extremely well timed, coinciding with the kids first day back at school.  A coffee at my place was suggested under the guise of celebrating off loading the kids.  We had a lovley morning and managed to surprise the birthday girl with presents and cake, we even managed to belt out Happy Birthday in tune! Read More

Chocolate Macarons

The French variety of macaron have become increasingly popular of late.  Crisp on the outside and wonderfully soft and chewy on the inside, these delicious morsels are easier to bake then you might have thought.  There are so many different versions out there, the simple recipe below is quick and easy and does not require you to make an Italian meringue. Read More

Almond Crackers

While searching the net for a recipe for a healthy treat for the kids I came across a recipe for Almond Crackers.  These crackers are extremely versatile, wheat, gluten, and dairy free!  Best of all they are so quick and easy to make. Read More