Rock Climbing Birthday

My youngest turned 8 last week. He is an extremely adventurous little guy, always on the go.  His physical strength and balance amazes me.  So, it was no surprise when he asked for his birthday party to be at a new climbing centre.  We held the party at Pulse Climbing, the kids all had a ball!  The staff at Pulse were amazing, so helpful and patient with all 11 of the kids.  The centre caters for all levels of climbers from beginners to advanced.  The kids surprised us with their courage and climbing skills.  We will definitely being going back for some more climbing fun. Read More

Oink Oink!

How cute are these?!?!  My lovely friend Trish brought these back from Sydney for me. She knows me too well!

These little beauties are from Chefs Gallery. Yummy steamed dessert buns filled with black sesame paste.

Next trip to Sydney, I am there!

Thank you Trish, you are a gem.  x

Valentine’s Cutie

I had a visit from a little friend today. Hamish who is almost 4 came to spend a bit of time with me to make a surprise for his mum.

He decorated a chocolate mud cupcake with his own artwork 🙂

Hamish was so proud of himself, and I know his mum will be too.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

P.S. You’re AWESOME Hamish 😛

In need of replenishment!

After a crazy day on Saturday competing in Australia’s first “Warrior Dash” I thought my family deserved a yummy Valentine’s dinner. Read More

Wise Owls

What a week! We have brought in the new school year with temps over 38°C most days here in beautiful Newcastle. Not so great for the kids or teachers.  With the kids back at school I thought I would achieve many of those ” when the kids go back to school” jobs….didn’t quite work out that way. Instead I have enjoyed the beach, runs with my lovely running group, and a visit to the local Max Brenner chocolate cafe with good friends – yummo!

I did however manage to continue a tradition I started when my gorgeous girl began kindergarten.  A decorated cake of some sort for afternoon tea on the first day back.  As owls seem to be all the go at the moment, I quickly made two fondant owl cupcake toppers for my two wise owls 🙂 Read More

Raw Food fun!

My interest in Raw Food was sparked again recently after watching the doco Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days.  The results found in this doco, which tracked 6 American diabetics, revealed that it may be possible to reverse both Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2 through diet alone. Read More


Believe it or not, boobies are a very popular choice when it comes to cakes! Read More

Tiny Gingerbread Houses

Earlier this week when I thought most of my Christmas baking was coming to an end, my friend Brett sent me an email.   In his email were the instructions on how to make a Tiny Gingerbread House that will perch on the side of your mug!  Too cute not to make, before I knew it cookie dough was in the Kitchenaid and ready to go!!! Read More

Quick Rudolph cookies

What a great idea!  Using a gingerbread man cookie cutter to make Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer!!! Read More

2010 Cookie Exchange

It’s that time of year again, Christmas cookie time!!!

This year we had 6 people at our cookie exchange. A lovely lunch and chat with lots of loot to take home. Read More