Easter Bunnies

I found this cute idea on Free-n-Fun Easter the other day and showed it to my kids. They then decided that this is what they would give their class mates for Easter this year instead of an Easter egg.  I couldn’t source the mini pom poms in a hurry so skipped the arms and used cotton wool for their tails (not a real Easter Bunny without a fluffy tail!).  I also decided to forgo the bows, if I didn’t have to make so many I would have gone to the trouble.

Let’s hope their class mates appreciate them, I really should have been writing an assignment!!!

“Jersey Caramel” puppy cake

I have been meaning to post this cake since I first started this blog, about time I say!!!

This was my daughter’s 8th birthday cake.  Our gorgeous dog Jersey the cavoodle was the model.  Inside all that fondant was white chocolate mud cake.  The head was made out of rice crispy treats to ensure it was light enough for the cake to hold it up.  A gluten-free cupcake held the candles at Jersey’s front paws for a special guest.


I recently tried my hand at stenciling some cakes and cookies, what a fabulous, quick way to get a striking result!

My first attempt was to stencil some baby shower cookies.  I have made many onesie cookies before and they always take quite a bit of effort with all the  piping necessary to make them realistic.  This time I used a stencil from Baking Pleasures.  The colours matched those of the invites.  I am happy to say that they made it all the way down to Hobart for the big day in one piece!

Whilst shopping for the baby shower stencil I came across a Chandelier Cake Stencil Set. This is a great set as it comes with three sizes of the stencil.  So, I set about decorating  couple of cupcakes for fun.  I was happy with the result, my favourite was the white fondant with black royal icing.

Class Parties AGAIN….

So, Christmas has crept up on me very quickly again this year.  School is over and we have less than a week to get ready for the big day.

Last year for the kids’ class Christmas parties I made some quick and easy Rudolph cookies. Read More

Elmo Cake Pops

Last year I had the pleasure of making my friend Campbell’s first birthday cake.  So, when his second birthday came around I just HAD to contribute something for his party.  A gorgeous little guy, obsessed with everything Elmo.  His Dad made him a wonderful Elmo cake and I made some Elmo Cake Pops to match 🙂 Read More

Cookie Monster Cupcakes and Harry Potter

This year my daughter turned 11, time has flown!

On her birthday she decided to take Cookie Monster Cupcakes to school for her classmates.  I thought maybe they were all getting a bit old for Cookie Monster but it turns out I was wrong!  They were a great hit 🙂 Read More

Takeaway Coffee Cup

It seems like forever since I have posted! Uni has kept me too busy to blog but not to bake 🙂  Now that uni is done for the year I will try to post a few more goodies.

This cake was made for a 36 year old coffee fanatic, hence the 36 Beans logo. Read More

Fried Gnocchi

Ever crave roast potatoes but don’t have the time or patience to wait for them to cook? I have the answer!!!

While watch Nigella Lawson late one night she produced the most divine looking gnocchi to substitute for potatoes to go with her roast dinner. She calls them Rapid Roastini (Quick ‘roast’ potatoes). Read More

Kids Holiday High Tea

I love high tea, the more extravagant the location the better!  My good friend and I have our birthdays just 9 days apart and one of my loveliest memories is sharing high tea with her to celebrate.  As we are often living in different cities, these birthday high teas have been few and far between. Read More

Wedding Cake Cookie

Last weekend was one spent with the girls, off to Sydney for an adventure race.  In addition to competing in the Tough Bloke Challenge we spent the previous night at a good Thai restaurant and then off to see the movie Bridesmaids.  I can not remember a movie that made me laugh so much.  Usually all of the best bits are in the trailer and by the time you get to see the actual film there is little to laugh at. Not the case with Bridesmaids, I don’t think  a minute went by without a laugh.  I left the theatre with a tear-stained face still giggling.

The whole wedding theme reminded me of a cookie cake I had made earlier in the year for a friend’s sister.  A very simple concept of stacking cookies with royal icing to mimic a wedding cake.