Bird of Paradise

Do you have a flower or plant that reminds you of someone special?

The bird of paradise (strelitzia) makes me think of a very special person who would have been 100 today. I honestly don’t know why I associate this plant with her, perhaps one of my family can tell me!!!

After seeing a gum paste version of this flower in a book lately, I really wanted to try it using wafer paper. The orange and purple parts were quite successful in wafer paper, although I’m not so sure about the green bract. I only gave it one go, so not so bad for a first try. I will work on it when I have some more time.

The leaves on this cake are also made from wafer paper. The cake itself is covered in a light purple buttercream and stenciled using the Havana stencil from Caking It Up. A few colour splashes under the stencil create a bit of contrast.

Happy 100th birthday 🙂





5 Comments on “Bird of Paradise”

  1. Terrific Fiona! Richard / Angela did ask me about Gray-Gray and Bird of Paradise – all part of the New Guinea life. xxxx Liz

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