Spotlight on Daniel Guiriba

I have been on quite the learning journey over the past few months. I stumbled across Daniel on Instagram and quickly began to stalk him on all social media platforms!

Daniel is an amazing artist based in the Phillipines, specialising in wafer paper. He creates the most realistic wafer paper flowers I have ever seen and with the addition of his secret conditioner, they are flexible!!!

My first attempt

I have had 2 lessons with Daniel so far and I cannot believe how much I have learnt from him. If you have been following me for a while now (I’ve been posting for 10 years!), you will know that I have been creating flowers from wafer paper for some time. I am now creating flowers that are so much more realistic thanks to Daniel.

Daniel is a very thorough and dedicated teacher, he is super generous with his knowledge and is always available to answer my questions. So far I have learnt all about conditioning, basic roses, many varieties of foliage, colouring, and much more. In the future I will be learning how to create wireless flowers and foliage so the entire arrangement is completely edible.

The following short video is me dropping WATER on to my wafer paper leaf, WATER!!!!! Anyone who has worked with wafer knows water and wafer paper are enemies!!!


Check out Daniels Instagram here and Facebook here, let him know Fiona sent you 🙂

Daniel Guiriba Wafer Flowers

Daniel Guiriba Real vs Wafer Paper Flowers

Daniel Guiriba Flower


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