The cutest puppy!

I was so excited to be asked to create the centerpiece again for the RSPCA ACT Cupcake Day Launch event.

The wonderful people at Damsel & Sprout sure know how to create a magnificent event! The theme this year was “pastel colours”, and that was the only brief I was given. I was able to create any design I wanted which was a super fun process.

I decided on a giant dog kennel with a cute puppy lazing in it. The addition of some mice, snails, and a small birdhouse on top added extra detail. While I was designing it I had the old tv ad for RSPCA in my head “all creatures great and small”. Does anyone else still love that ad as much as I do?

At the beginning of this cake process, my favourite component was the puppy, how could you not love “Cupcake”? As I continued construction my favourite component became the corrugated tin roof on the kennel. I wasn’t sure how I was going to create this but managed to get it just right first go and was so pleased with the effect.

I used my Sweet Stamps to add RSPCA 2019 on the back of the kennel and for the “Cupcake” nameplate. These stamps have made my caking life so much easier!!

My centerpiece cake was raffled off to help raise some extra funds on top of all the wonderful cupcakes that were available to purchase. What an amazing event, and a huge shout out to all the fantasticly talented cakers in Canberra that donated their time and yummy cupcakes 🙂


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