Hedgehog Cake

So tiny so small, so loved by all.

I initially wanted this cake to be an echidna, as echidnas don’t have cute ears (just slits), I went with the original hedgehog.

I can’t remember where I first saw this cake, I think it was on a Paul Bradford Facebook live tutorial early one morning. I believe the original cake design came from Little Peach Cakery.

This cake was for a baby shower, gender neutral and cute was the request. I thought the hedgehog covered the brief!

I used Swiss meringue buttercream to form the flowers and fill the layers. I think the flowers piped using Russian piping tips would have held their shape better had I used American buttercream, but I prefer the taste of Swiss meringue. Inside was a gluten-free chocolate cake.

I used my much loved Sweet Stamps to help with the saying on the board and Edible Art Paint in Teal to fill.


You can see a video of my first attempt at using Russian piping tips here.

2 Comments on “Hedgehog Cake”

  1. Another exquisitely beautiful creation Fiona! It must take great heart to cut through such a cake, I would be happy to have it as a mantle piece!!

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