Rusty Holden Ute!


Christmas in Australia is a little different to what we see in the movies. No cold weather and snow here, instead, usually a scorching hot summers day.

This year when making my gingerbread house, I decided to do an Aussie version as well. You may have seen the Aussie version of Jingle Bells where they mention the “Rusty Holden Ute”, I thought it would be fun to make the ute out of gingerbread.

I found the template on Taste and set to work. I decided to make the windscreen out of isomalt, unfortunately, I failed to coat it in leaf glaze to prevent clouding. So the finished product was not what I had envisioned but let’s just pretend the windscreen is covered in outback dust!

The gingerbread wheels were made using a silicone tyre mould, usually for fondant or chocolate but it worked quite well with gingerbread dough.


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