Class of 2018

Hard to believe that my first born is celebrating the end of 13 years of school! What an achievement!

Formal night is tomorrow, there is still lots of prep to get ready for that. Ridiculous amounts of effort go into formals these days – dress, shoes, jewellery, hair, makeup, nails, transport….the list goes on.

The cake for my daughter and her friends was the easy part! A chocolate cake filled with strawberry swiss meringue buttercream and covered in dark chocolate ganache. The buttercream flavour was achieved by using Fresh As freeze dried strawberry powder, super delicious.

Navy is trending at the moment so I painted the outer layer of ganache with Sweet Sticks Edible Art Paint in navy. With the addition of some gold leaf, 2018 painted with Champagne Gold Creative Cake Decorating lustre, a chocolate wave, and an isomalt wave and it was finished.

Congratulations to all the kids graduating this December, you made it!

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