Wafer Dahlia and Eucalyptus


Some more fun with wafer paper. This dahlia was super quick to make, the eucalyptus a little more time-consuming! I had originally planned on making 4 eucalyptus branches but decided two was enough this time.


The most time-consuming part of the eucalyptus was cutting out the leaves. Two pieces of wafer paper are required for each leaf and the smaller ones were tiny.



I started with the cake, covered in fondant, painted with grey Edible Art Paint. Although it was a lovely soft looking cake, there just wasn’t enough contrast for me. So I got the black Edible Art Paint out and painted over the top of the grey.



That’s the beauty of Edible Art Paint, it dries quickly and doesn’t smudge therefore painting over the top was a piece of cake!


Which version do you prefer?





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