Wolf Cub Cake

While I was in the US late last year I purchased a Sugarworks Innovative Sugar Structures Kit. I have been desperate to try it out and finally got the chance!

My son loves wolves and husky dogs, so I gave a wolf cub a go. The structure kit made quick work of the usually laborious structure construction process, not to mention the lack of a trip to the hardware store.

This kit enabled me to try a wolf cub mid-leap with only one point of contact with the board. I was super nervous as the cake with all the modelling chocolate and fondant was quite heavy. There was a little bit of movement but nothing too drastic and I think next time I will give the structure joints more of a tighten before adding everything else.

I made his eyes out of isomalt and was really happy with the result. There is a video on my Facebook and Instagram showing me using the blowtorch to get rid of the cloudiness of the isomalt.

A LOT of marshmallows were used to make snow to cover the board. Isomalt puddles and modelling chocolate rocks were surrounded with cookie crumbs to represent the soil under the melting snow.

Inside, the wolf cub was a yummy chocolate cake layered with vanilla buttercream. The kids had great fun taking the cub apart, especially digging his eyes out!



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