20th Wedding Anniversary Cake

I’ve been caking for a while now, bits and pieces, on and off for over 20 years.  My very first wedding cake was my own, 20 years ago!

I fell in love with Anna Von Marburg’s designs and decided to give it a shot. I purchased her book, Cakes in Bloom, and set about teaching myself how to make sugar roses. I spent countless hours at my parent’s kitchen table crafting the sugar blooms. Mum baked the cake, a traditional fruit cake, which I then covered in fondant and stacked.  I remember it being super heavy!  Just to make it even heavier, we placed it on a piece of bevelled glass that we had ordered especially for the occasion.

Thankfully we had some lovely friends who helped us get the finished cake to the venue the night before. They had a minivan! I have no idea how we would have transported it without them.


As I have mentioned before, if stored correctly, sugar decorations will last forever. Mum still has most (a few were taken by guests) of the roses from our wedding cake stored away, still looking as good as they were on the day.

Today, we are celebrating with a simpler cake. An extended tier decorated with marshmallow fondant and wafer paper flowers. A similar theme with the roses, but a touch of colour and texture on the cake this time.





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