1 Cake, 3 Ways

I had a bit of fun with this simply butter-creamed cake.

Smothered in Swiss meringue buttercream, this white chocolate mud cake was detailed using my Evil Cake Genius Fabulous Facets Contour Comb.


Then I set to work on 3 simple decorations.  The first was using store bought macrons that I keep in my freezer for occasions such as this! Plopped on top, this was a super quick and easy way to top the cake.

Next up was the piping bag’s turn. Using Wilton #104 tip, I piped a simple rose on top using the same Swiss meringue buttercream as the rest of the cake.

Love seeing the flecks of vanilla bean!


Last but definitely not least…using coloured Swiss meringue buttercream, I piped on some swirls and kisses. The larger swirls were done using a Wilton #1M tip and the smaller were Wilton #21 tip.

I added a couple of Musk Lifesavers and some coloured pearls to add detail.

Each cake looks quite different I think, I like them all for their individuality and simplicity. Which is your favourite?



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