Cream Tarts

I am loving this new trend for 2018, it’s taking over the internet and we aren’t even through January yet!!!

These tarts are so simple and versatile, you could make them any shape, letter, or number you wish.

The biscuit is Pate Sablee, made using almond meal. I filled and topped the biscuits with diplomat cream, which was not the easiest to pipe as it was 39 degrees (102F) the day I chose to decorate.

I made a ring/wreath shape first topped with raspberry macarons, raspberries, strawberries, and fresh flowers.

The second heart shape (perfect for Valentine’s Day) was decorated with chocolate macarons, Malteasers, fresh fruit and flowers, and some gold leaf. I played around with the diplomat cream on the top layer, piping it using a #104 tip.

There is an amazing tutorial and recipes for these cream tarts on Sugar Geek Show, check it out!!!!

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