Chocolate high heel shoes!

It’s been a while since I have posted, things are getting a little hectic here!  So, I thought I would show you what I have been playing with.

I have been having some fun making chocolate high heel shoes, experimenting with different chocolates and combinations.  These shoes can be used to decorate the top of a cake, filled with goodies such as chocolates and strawberries, or used as a gift on their own, the possibilities are endless (and delicious!!!).

You may have seen my mini chocolate shoe that I made to accompany a butterfly princess cake from earlier this year.  The “shoes” I have been playing with of late are quite a bit bigger, approximately a women’s size 5.

Yesterday I decided to play around with embellishments to adorn these edible shoes and came up with some fun ideas.  These shoes are yet to have their finishing touches such as personalised innersole and edging, so please excuse their imperfections.

The decorations were simply made using fondant molds and giving them a quick bit of colour with Edible Arts Paints.




I think I will use the green bow option to decorate an upcoming cake.


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