Butterfly Princess Cake

The almost 6 year old recipient of this cake only had a few “likes” to be included in this cake, lucky for me they all go together nicely!

Tiaras, butterflies, sparkles, pink, and purple – beautiful!

For this princess cake, I found a doll that had a similar hair colour to the birthday girl.  This princess is custom, no Disney in this one (except the lettering)!

The bodice of the dress is decorated home made edible glitter, coloured to suit the brief.  Inside the skirt is vanilla cake with pink strawberry buttercream and is draped with fondant.  Adorned with individually painted sugar butterflies and dragonflies, using Edibleart paints.  Her tiara is made from edible cake lace again painted with Champagne Gold Edible Art Paint.

Chocolate Butterfly Heel

In addition to the cake, I included a small surprise.  I have been playing with chocolate lately and made a chocolate high heel to match the cake.

Chocolate Butterfly Heel 2

Chocolate Butterfly Heel 3






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