Functional Beer Keg Cake

I have been looking forward to making this cake so I could try out a new wood technique.

This cake is a functional beer keg cake, yes, you lift the tap and the beer flows!!!  The cake is a caramel mud cake with chocolate stout buttercream frosting.

I made the cracked wood effect using a 2:1 ratio of fondant to modelling chocolate and wafer paper.

After I completed the wood effect I cut the fondant into “planks” and popped on the ganached cake.  A quick spray with the airbrush using some dark brown and I was happy.

The cake board and back were covered in fondant and I then used a cobblestone impression mat to create some texture.  This also got a light airbrush to bring out the shadows.





2 Comments on “Functional Beer Keg Cake”

  1. Hi – amazing cake 🙂 what did you make the support stand from … is it timber or something similar. How is the cake supported?

    • Thanks Ann, it was lots of fun! The support stand is wood covered in fondant. The bottom half of the keg is made from a dummy, with the top half cake. There is a video of the beer flowing on my Instagram account

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