4th of July meringue and buttercream cake

4th of July cake


4th of July cake

Happy 4th of July everyone!

I’ve made a quick cake to celebrate and practice some techniques.  I made the meringues in advance using the Meringue Girls recipe and technique.  Even though I made the rather large mistake of grabbing normal sugar instead of castor sugar (superfine), they still turned out ok.  My guess is they would have been smoother and glossier if I had used the right sugar, as I could still see and feel sugar grains in the mix.  Next time I’ll be sure to grab the right container!

4th of July meringues

The cake is vanilla with vanilla buttercream.  You can see the icing process in the video below.  Also note the difference in colour of the buttercream between the video and the photos.  The longer you leave the darker colours the more they develop, especially red gel colour.  So, when making red buttercream be sure to leave an hour or so for the colour to develop, you may not need as much gel as you think.

4th of July cake


Tools of the trade:

Ateco 612 Cake Decorating Stand

Fat Daddios Bench Scraper

Silicon Pastry Bags

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