Cold mirror glaze ­čś▒

Back in February I had a go at my first mirror glaze cake.  This weekend I was asked to make a dessert for a birthday dinner and decided to give a different mirror glaze technique a go.

It was a cold morning while I was “glazing” and unfortunately the smaller bowls of coloured glaze started to set up before I had used them. ┬áI really should have given them a quick blast in the microwave before pouring, but you live and learn!

The result wasn’t perfect but still looked pretty. ┬áI used a hairdryer to help mix the different glazes and the heat helped a little. ┬áThere’s a quick video of the hair dryer in use on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

Inside was a layered mousse cake.  Chocolate sponge, strawberry jelly, and strawberry mousse layers, all covered with  chocolate mousse and then the mirror glaze.

Layers of deliciousness!

I really enjoy making these mirror glaze cakes so will have another go soon!

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