Mirror, mirror…


mirror-glaze-4I’ve been wanting to have a go at a mirror glaze cake for over a year now, finally I found an excuse – Valentine’s Day!

We are now settled in our new home, a meer 14,000 kms from our place in Texas!  Things are still in a state of disarray but the kitchen is sorted.  I have missed playing in the kitchen and this cake was a great break from the boxes and organising.


The cake is a Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake, I halved the recipe for my small heart mould.


After making the mousse cake I popped it in the freezer overnight before following The Topless Baker’s mirror glaze method. You can find his tutorial here.


There are so many different methods for creating amazing mirror glaze designs, this one was using a swiping action.  I look forward to trying some of the other methods I have spent countless hours watching on YouTube!

Here’s a quick video of my first try, it is as simple as it looks!


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