Geode cake

When I first saw Rachael Teufel’s (from Intricate Icings) geode cake I knew exactly who I wanted to try and make one for.  Then, only a week or so later a PDF tutorial was available to purchase and I jumped at the chance.  The tutorial has been sitting on my computer ready to use for months and this week it was finally the time!geode cake-2

This cake was surprisingly simple to make with the well laid out instructions from Rachel.  She now has a Craftsy class available for this design as well which I am sure would be well worth the purchase.

The top cake tier was a lemon poppy seed cake and the other tiers were dark chocolate mud cake.  The lemon poppy seed was a little too fragile for this design, next time I will use a sturdier cake as it did collapse a little under the weight.

geode cake-1

This cake was for a very special client, my now 16 year old daughter.

geode cake-3

As this was made from a purchased tutorial, I have not posted any progression pictures.


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