These pretzels are making me thirsty šŸ˜œ

A quick cake with a twist! I really wanted to make a cake with a moving part, so I decided that my hubby’s b’day cake would be the one. Ā That way if anything went wrong, it wouldn’t be such a disaster.

Beer cake-4

So I give you a beer mug with a rotating pretzel on top! Ā I bought a hobby motor and gear kit online and gave it to my 13 year old son to put together for me. Ā Thankfully he put it together with no problems.


Woo hoo!!!!! No problemsĀ 

The motor and gears sit inside the top cake in the stack (there are 3 in total). Ā A small hole through all the cakes allows the wires from the motor to pass through to the bottom. Ā Luckily I remembered to put a hole in the cake board before I started. Ā The battery pack is taped to the bottom of the board out of site.

Beer cake-3

The pretzel and mug handle are made with gum paste. The cake itself is a sweet potato, caramel mud cake with vanilla buttercream. Ā The vanilla buttercream was also used to pipe the froth on top of the beer. Ā Small dots of piping gel represent the condensation dripping down the cold beer mug.

Beer cake-2

The cake was served with homemade butterscotch sauce.

Beer cake-1


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