Donald Duck Vans

I have never known someone so obsessed with all things Disney and Vans shoes!  The Disney is all her (and her extensive knowledge has been extremely handy), the Vans are usually purchased for her boys.  Put a pair of Vans in front of her and I can almost guarantee she has them for her boys, the best dressed feet in town!

DD Vans cake-3

When I asked my lovely friend who her favourite Disney character is, it was a definite Donald Duck.  I did a bit of an internet search and found a pair of Donald Duck Vans to base my cake design on.

DD Vans cake-1

I took this opportunity to try out my Disney letter cutters, I think they look pretty good 😀

DD Vans cake-4

Inside is my very rich and decadent chocolate mud cake, layered and covered with chocolate ganache.  Those of you who follow me on Facebook will have seen a quick video of the ganached cake ready to be covered in fondant.

It's all about the details!

It’s all about the details!

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