Mary Poppins arrived carrying her magical carpet bag….everyone remembers that don’t they?

Carpet bag-6

Recently an opportunity came up  for me to make a cake for a Mary Poppins fan. There were no specific requests as the recipient had no idea I was doing it for her.  I thought about doing a Mary Poppins silhouette cake, an umbrella cake, and a hat cake.  Finally I remembered her magical carpet bag.

Back of cake

Back of cake

This cake is my modern version of a carpet bag,  much smaller than the original duffle style bag.  As things are warming up here in Texas, I went with some brighter colours for the flowers.   To give the impression that the flowers were part of the carpet bag fabric, I applied gentle pressure with the rolling pin to integrate them into the chocolate fondant. I then used one of my Sugarveil mats as an impression mat to give texture.

Carpet bag-4

The challenge for me with this cake was that I wanted to be able to carry it just like a handbag.  The whole cake is edible except for the handle (which is leather), my magic!

Heading out!

Heading out!

Inside are chocolate and vanilla cakes layered and covered with chocolate ganache.

Carpet bag-7


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