Happy Easter!

Russian tips-1It’s not often that I get to make a cake (excluding birthdays) just for my family.  This Easter weekend I decided to try out my Russian piping tips.  I have had them for a while but haven’t had the opportunity to play with them until now.

I was amazed how quickly and easily these tips created a beautiful floral cake, all of these flowers took less than 10 minutes.  I only used three of my twelve piping tips and will try the others out soon.

Russian tips-2

The main trick is to make sure that the buttercream attaches to the cake before you pull up.  The three tips I used looked best kept quite short.  I am guessing when I use the tulip tips that they will be best a little taller.

Russian tips-5

The only issue I had using the tips was with my soft buttercream.  As the buttercream warmed, it was more difficult to produce a flower with all the details.  You can see this on my cake with the roses.  If I was making this cake for someone else I would have scraped the flopped flowers off and repiped  As it was for my family (who didn’t even notice!) I just left them.  (Please excuse the photos too, taken on my turntable!)

Russian tips-3

The cake is a Thermomix whole orange cake.  I decided that we would have something other than chocolate this Easter.  The side of the cake was iced in buttercream lightly, more like a naked cake. I had a thicker layer of buttercream on the top and left this in the fridge to set before piping the flowers.

Here’s a quick demo video for you.

I hope you all had a very happy and safe Easter 🐰

4 Comments on “Happy Easter!”

    • I used equal parts butter and confectioners sugar with a tiny bit of milk to thin. It was too soft so next time I think I will skip the milk.

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