Carlo’s Bakery Dallas

I had planned to attend the opening of Carlo’s Bakery Dallas on Saturday 19 March but I didn’t quite make it.  After flying in late on Friday from Toronto I wasn’t in the right spirits to stand in a line for hours.


Soooooo, I went this morning! Carlo’s opens nice and early at 7am if you are keen.  It is approximately 40 minutes from my house if the traffic isn’t too bad, so after setting off at 8:30, and with no trouble getting a park right out the front of the bakery, I’d say I was there by 9:15. There was no line outside the bakery when I arrived, and I was super excited.

Upon entering Carlo’s you need to get yourself a numbered ticket.  The whole system is fantastic.  There were staff taking orders while others were packing them up into the Carlo’s boxes and others calling your number (for a second time) at the register.  It was extremely efficient and the staff were genuinely friendly.

Lobster Tails - check out those layers!

Lobster Tails – check out those layers!

Just to add to the excitement some of the Valastro family were present. I was lucky enough to speak to Buddy’s sisters Grace and Lisa (who packed my order).  Lisa’s daughter, Danny, and Sophia were all there too, working hard.


There was so much deliciousness to choose from! I ended up getting lobster tails, cannoli, 7-layer cookies, and biscotti.


I loved watching the bakery section through the glass panel and listening to the very strong New York accents!  The whole experience was positive and I will be back!


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