Shades of Grey

I decided on this colour palette before the weather forecast came out! What a day to make a cake, Texas storms and tornado warnings!!! Grey, grey, and more grey.

grey spots-1

One minute I was covering the cake in fondant, the next I was in my shelter, tornado sirens blaring.  Sounds dramatic doesn’t it? Thankfully it was no more than a thunderstorm and straight line winds but……I blame it for my below standard fondant covering on this cake.  The humidity also played a part of my troubles, you all know how fondant loves humidity 😂

So, the covered cake (bumps and all) is a basic vanilla cake with cookies & cream filling.

grey spots-3

I used my Marvelous Molds Sparkling Bubbles onlay to apply the grey dots.  I wanted to try something different with the onlay so decided to attempt an ombre design.  Instead of using one large piece of fondant on the onlay, I used smaller strips of varying colour.  A little more fiddly but I think it worked quite well.



To top the cake off, a wafer paper rose – Ta dah!!!!

grey spots-2

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