Golden Anniversary

Golden Anniversary-1

50 years of marriage! Wowsers!!!

This cake was made for a very special couple, my parents.

Golden Anniversary-7

I designed this cake based on their original cake from 50 years ago.  The original cake was a 3 tier square cake with the tiers separated using columns.  It was decorated with a sugar water lily (which I believe Mum still has!) and some other bits and pieces that I couldn’t decipher from the photograph!

So, this cake was also 3 tiers but stacked to make it a little more modern.  The top tier is gold, for the Golden Anniversary.  I used Rolkem Super Gold for this effect.

Golden Anniversary-4

The second tier was decorated with cake lace to represent the lace sleeves on my Mum’s beautiful wedding dress.

Golden Anniversary-5

The top was adorned with a wafer paper water lily.

Golden Anniversary-6

Happy anniversary to the most amazing people we know, can’t wait to celebrate with you.

Golden Anniversary-2



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