Coffee anyone?

After trying my hand at a hanging cake, I decided I’d like to give a gravity defying cake a go, what fun!

coffee cup-24

This cake was made for a fellow coffee loving Aussie.  Good coffee is hard to find in Texas, I really do miss being able to walk into any cafe and ordering an espresso based brew.  Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of coffee available in Texas, but 9 times out of 10 it is drip filter.

Milk splash!

Milk splash!

The cake itself is chocolate filled with chocolate butter cream.  Covered in a layer of white chocolate ganache to help with the shape and structure, and then covered in fondant.  The spoon and saucer are both made of fondant with some tylose added for extra strength.

coffee cup-27

The milk jug is shaped rice crispy treats covered in modelling chocolate.  And the “milk pour” is also modelling chocolate.

coffee cup-25

A dainty trim of cake lace (edible) and a few gum paste roses for the board and it was done.

coffee cup-28

About 4 years ago I made a coffee themed cake, much smaller and with less of an impact!

coffee cup-26

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