It’s supposed to be winter!


Snowflake cake-1

So we are almost mid way through December, it’s supposed to be winter here in Texas!  This weather is amazing, no snow, ice, or cold…just beautiful sunny days more akin to spring.

This cake was planned for a Texan winter’s day; cold, icy, and possibly snowy.  A cake that would suit a December birthday or even Christmas.

Snowflake cake-4

I can’t remember the last time I made a cake that wasn’t covered in fondant.  This one is a chocolate cake from Veena’s Art of Cakes, simple and delicious.  Decorated with buttercream, white nonpareils, edible pearls, and edible glitter.

Placing nonpareils on the side of a cake can be a messy business!  Little balls that bounce incredibly high and have a talent of hiding all over the kitchen.  I had read somewhere quite some time back about a technique of adhering these little treats to the side of a cake using parchment paper.  So, I gave it a go and it worked quite well.  I cut a piece of parchment paper to the size of the side of my cake and then spread a thin layer of shortening (the original method used non stick cooking spray) onto the parchment.  With the nonpareils in a shallow bowl, I then pressed the parchment, shortening side down, into the bowl.  They stuck to the parchment perfectly.  Then I took the parchment covered in nonpareils and pressed it onto the side of the iced cake.  It really was the most simple (and cleanest) way of getting the nonpareils on and I will definitely use this method again.

Snowflake cake-3

The snowflake on the top of the cake was made using fondant with a small amount of tylose mixed in to help it harden.  I used a giant snowflake cookie cutter that I had to get the cutout.  After it had dried I brushed with a little clear alcohol (I used vodka) and sprinkled the snow flake with sugar crystals.  Using alcohol ensures that the sugar will stick without dissolving it.  I love the icy texture that they gave it.  The snowflake is slightly elevated from the cake surface using small balls of fondant.


Snowflake cake-2

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