Do you ever get the feeling you are being watched…

Eyeball flower-3

Halloween has hit us again! It really has come around quickly this year, it seems like only yesterday that we were organising last year’s party and treats.

This year will be a much quieter affair, just a few extra kids staying over, no big party.

Eyeball flower-4

This cake is for a Halloween birthday, much less gory than the cake I made last year.  While it has a Halloween theme with the orange stripes and an eyeball flower, I think it still manages to be pretty.

Eyeball flower-1

The cake is a chocolate devil’s food cake layered with vanilla buttercream.  Covered in white fondant and decorated using the Marvelous Molds Gala Stripes onlay (you many have noticed I love using these products!).

Eyeball flower-2

The single eyeball flower on the top has been placed so it is slightly slanted, using some extra petals to hold it up.

Making of the eyeball 👀

Making of the eyeball 👀

Wishing you all a Happy Halloween!



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