No animals were harmed in the making of this handbag

I am sure I have mentioned before how much I love shoes, well handbags come a close second.  A lovely friend of mine loves them even more than me, so when her birthday came around this year I decided to make her one in cake form.

Zena handbag-2

Not so long ago I tried my hand at making my first cake video.  Although it wasn’t the most professional job, I managed to bag first place in the Marvelous Molds competition! As a result, I received 10 molds of my choice…this has made me extremely happy!!!  I  used 3 of the molds in this handbag cake, the Alligator Impression Mat, Zipper & Pull, and the small Brindle Buckle, all from the Elisa Strauss collection.  

Zena handbag-3

Love the zipper and pulls

I did record the process so will attempt to make another video showing how I used the Marvelous Molds, watch this space…

The cake is a rich chocolate cake with a cookies and cream filling.  I stumbled across the Birthday Cake variety of Oreos at the supermarket so used those mixed with vanilla buttercream.

Back of cake

Back of cake

As my friends name starts with Z, I made a gold “Z” logo charm for the bag.  The gold is looking a bit bronzy in the photos, I’m not sure what’s going on there! The handles are fondant covered plastic tubing, the only inedible part of the cake.  I airbrushed the entire cake with pearl to give it a slight sheen.  I would really like to try some cake shine or lacquer next time to give a patent leather look.

"Z" logo charm and Brindle buckle

“Z” logo charm and Brindle buckle

Fingers crossed I will get the video edited soon, as it is only my second go I am still on a steep learning curve.  I did however remember to record in landscape this time 😛

Finally finished the accompanying video!


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